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Plusnet Hub One - Port Forwarding for Swann CCTV

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Plusnet Hub One - Port Forwarding for Swann CCTV

Installing new Hub One Router ready for fibre replacing Draytek ADSL router.
New router working, has fixed IP Address, have connected Swann-CCTV box on reserved IP address 

Have found out in Advance Settings where to setup/define a new Game/App.

In the past when setting up port forwarding I have entered: Protocol, Por, IP address of CCTV. for each port e.g:

Name  Protocol  Port    Forward to IP
WAN   TCP         83
Media  TCP        9000
Mobile  TCP       18004
On the new Router it asks for Protocal & Port # BUT then a Translate To port # range??? (private Port no?) No idea what this is or how to find it?   

In the past I have done this on lots of routers, but always have been asked to specify IP of CCTV never an internal Port range.



This works for my Swann CCTV:
Set up your Swann CCTV on a reserved IP address within your router
Best to also use a Swann Reserved/Fixed IP address for your router £5 one off charge
Go to Advanced
Go to Firewall
Select Port Forwarding
Select Manage Games & Apps.
Select Add new Game or App
Give it a name e.g. SWANN CCTV
Select No on Copy option
For each of the three SWANN ports create an entry:
Put the SAME port # in ALL four box no. ranges 
Press Add until all three ports setup 
Press Apply
Back to Home
Select Settings
Select Port Forwarding
You should see an entry for SWANN CCTV including its reserved IP address
Its now working & I have access via my Smart phone.
I did contact technical support, nice guy but did not understand Port Forwarding from CCTV



In the second set of Port no's simply repeat the same no's. ie. put the same Port # in all four boxes

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Re: Plusnet Hub One - Port Forwarding for Swann CCTV

Hi there.

Apologies for the delayed response.

Glad to hear you've got this working, thanks for posting back to let us know.

This may help others in a similar situation.

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