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Plusnet Home Hub - Application Layer Gateway settings

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Plusnet Home Hub - Application Layer Gateway settings

Hi - I'm working from home and being asked to use a new work VoIP system, which works fine on my laptop (Mac) but not through the App on my mobile. Turns out that when the WiFi's on, it's blocking access to the App in some way, which I see by turning WiFi off on my mobile and suddenly the App accepts and makes calls as intended.

The supplier tells me I need to turn on the Application Layer Gateway or ALG, allowing enhanced VoIP connections. I had no such issues with other VoIP systems but seems different systems have different settings.

Anyway, I can't find where in Firewall advanced settings, that I need to go to change the setting that will allow access. ALG can be called other things, I'm told. Only spent about a day on this so far at different times and now losing the will, so any help appreciated. Thank you.

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Re: Plusnet Home Hub - Application Layer Gateway settings

@christianpawsey If your VOIP system uses the SIP standard, then the Hub One has a built-in SIP ALG which can not be disabled. It also has a flaw if your SIP device uses the standard port 5060


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