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Plusnet Help & Support - Not Impressed

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Plusnet Help & Support - Not Impressed

Why does Plusnet claim that its Help & Support is so good? It really isn't.

1. They don't accept emails when one tries to reply to emails they send out. Instead they reject them and tell me on the rejection email to "call us to chat".

2. When attempting to call them the Plusnet Help & Support robot tells me there's at least a 35 minute wait to get through. That's lousy customer support. Just hire more staff!

3. All I want to find out is when the contract I have with Plusnet will expire. Is it 12 months or 18 months? Unhelpfully Plusnet did not tell me the contract duration on the email they sent and which they reject when I email them to ask.

4. Vodaphone are offering an 18 month equivalent speed fibre deal that is £10 per month cheaper than Plusnet. But Plusnet say that their Help & Support is worth paying extra for. I don't think so.

Have other customers experienced such lousy service from Plusnet? Or is it just me? 





Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Plusnet Help & Support - Not Impressed

Hi @Drallen,


I'm sincerely sorry to hear about the experience you've had so far.


I have left a ticket on your account regarding your query. You can view this here


Should you have any further questions, please get in touch.


Thank you,





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Re: Plusnet Help & Support - Not Impressed


just a heads up to all the customers that read this

I was mis-sold a product from plusnet and when I spoke to the tech team to clarify that plusnets broadband would do what I required the tech lady seemed uneducated and asked me "what is a VPN". so I cancelled my broadband/telephone as it was unfit for my working from home and I wasn't prepared to gamble that it would work.


All seemed fine, I got an email to say that there was no charge as I was in the 14 day cooling off period. (10 days)


To my horror these last few weeks as I noticed that the direct debits that was supposed to have been cancelled were being taken out. 3 months in total. I quickly got online and cancelled my direct debit on my banking app then contacted PlusNet.


The call took nearly 2 hours to get through and I was told that their updated system had issues and they would send out to my address a Cheque for the services I did not receive. This deadline for the cheque was today and it never arrived.

To make things worse when I cancelled the Direct debit I got numerous TxTs and emails threatening me to restrict my services and have additional costs put onto my account as the direct debits had been cancelled.


So this was the last straw.

I have passed all the correspondences to the Ombudsman and also the research team at the BBC watchdog programme.


I have spent about 12 hours in phone calls over the last 3 months and they have gotten me no where Once the Ombudsman has dealt with this Company I will be seeking litigation