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PlusNet offers refunds of your own money, but never pays them

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Registered: ‎06-11-2018

PlusNet offers refunds of your own money, but never pays them

06/09/18 Ordered PlusNet Broadband – paid £42.94

07/09/18 Up to four silent calls per day from PlusNet to my husbands mobile used to order the broadband

08/09/18 £42.94 shows on my bank statement

11/09/18 Returned one of the silent calls and it goes straight to PlusNet Sales and Marketing

12/09/18 email received stating error 501

13/09/18 Phoned PlusNet to find out what is happening and why PlusNet order error/silent calls

13/09/18 Refund promised (Adnan) in 10 working days and silent call investigation

13/09/18 Adnan promised to ring back the following day with progress report – did not happen

13/09/18 Told it was TalkTalk who cancelled the order and they do it all the time

14/09/18 Googled TalkTalk cancelling broadband transfer and found nothing

14/10/18 PlusNet number blocked on my husbands mobile as silent calls still on-going

14/10/18 Phoned TalkTalk – they deny cancelling broadband and pointed out that they had mailed us 3 letters on different days about the transfer, if they were to cancel the transfer then why not right away and save themselves the postages. TalkTalk confirmed that it was PlusNet who cancelled the transfer.

19/09/18 Told nothing had been done, so today refund initiated - in 15 working days

05/10/18 Refund Cancelled and cancelled order reinstated without contacting customer

08/10/18 Rang PlusNet to cancel order reinstated without our permission

08/10/18 Told the refund will now be 20 working days

14/10/18 Told that the refund of our own money is judged by PlusNet to be a fair and reasonable compensation

17/10/18 Refund cheque promised will be with us in 3 to 5 days

18/10/18 Confirmation of the 20 days delay of refunding our money as advised 09/10/18

18/10/18 Offered £10 compensation as full and final final resolution to your complaint

05/11/18 After 60 days, no contact from PlusNet to explain what has gone wrong/offer apologies

06/11/18 Nothing received after 61 days