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Plus net router

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Plus net router

After mucking around for 3 weeks with my netgear I cannot get my wireless to work on my phone do you suggest that I purchase plus net router to hopefully eradicate this issue. I don't really want to change routers but if Imust do you aadvise it if so what is the cost.
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Re: Plus net router

I'm assuming you're phone works on other wireless networks? You might also want to try:

  • Changing the wireless channel the router's broadcasting on
  • If hiding your SSID, try unhiding it
  • Try changing your wireless key
  • If there's an option to switch between wireless types e.g. b/g, n etc. then try changing this setting to see if it works

If you want a replacement router from us then we normally just charge postage and packaging. You only pay for the router if you leave during the following 12 months.

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Product Team
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