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Phone line dead/noisy fixed - Still slow broadband.

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Phone line dead/noisy fixed - Still slow broadband.

After over two weeks of no phone dial tone & then poor quality line, it seems yesterday OpenReach has finally been able to provide a working phone line to my house without a noisy line.


However, I'm still suffering from poor broadband. Can someone from PlusNet look into this?

The current open call-id is 212383042 

Attached is a snapshot of the current performance.







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Re: Phone line dead/noisy fixed - Still slow broadband.

@MarkMil Welcome to the forums. A fortnight of line problems will have caused the automatic line management at the exchange to progressively reduce your connection to try and stabilise it.

As a first step, try disconnecting from the internet via the 'Disconnect' button on your router, wait a good minute, switch the router off, wait a couple of minutes, then power the router back up, wait for the lights to steady, and then ensure the 'Disconnect' button has re-appeared. If it says 'connect' press it, and see what happens.