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Persistent Dropped Connections.

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Persistent Dropped Connections.

I joined Plusnet last June, and for the first eight months or so everything was spot on, no problems and no complaints whatsoever.
However over the last two months of so I've experienced an ever increasing number of connection dropouts, the vast majority have only been for 30 - 60 secs and the service usually reconnected automatically, rather than needing the router to be restarted. These have just been happening two or three times in any one given day, and then only occasionally, so I just put it down to "one of those things", and did my best to ignore it. Until today that is.....
As I just said, most of the time the connection automatically reconnects itself. ie. The page you're trying to load on the web stops doing so, a few seconds later the green "Internet" light goes out, stays out for usually around 30-60 seconds, then comes back on again, and the page finishes loading a few seconds later. During an approx 3 hour spell this afternoon and another two hour and still continuing spell this evening, I've expereinced dozens of these drop outs, some occuring so close together that it was impossible to load even the most basic web page between them. I addition I've also had eight or ten occasions, mainly during the afternoon, when it did not reconnect automatically, and instead after a few minutes of there being no "Internet" light, the red illuminated instead, which requires the router to be restarted to be able to connect again. The maximum I have ever had the red "Internet" light come on in this way previously, is no more than twice in one day.
What is the cause of this issue most likely to be. A BT line issue (highly possible, but doubtful as my partner is sitting three feet away from me using a different ISP on a seperate line, but being fed through the same cables etc once it leaves the house as I am, and she's having no issues), a router issue, or an ISP issue?
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Persistent Dropped Connections.

From what I can see the routers being turned off when not in use?

There were a few drops yesterday but there's not much testing we can do from here if the router is turned off.
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