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Peak Time Speed Issues - Information gathering thread

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Peak Time Speed Issues - Information gathering thread

The other thread is getting a bit congested and will be a bit hard for the Plusnet Digital Care Team to follow.
The purpose of this thread is for people to provide specific information about their peak time speed problems so that the Plusnet staff can use to check against their monitoring data and raise it with their suppliers. Please do not use it as a discussion thread - there's already a separate thread for that here,124744.0.html
The Plusnet Exchange Problem page is here - (new exchanges and information are being added all the time)
Could you please post the following information (if available):
Exchange Name: Bradwell Abbey (SMBA)
If you do not already know your exchange, you can find it from putting in your phone number or address or
Description of when the problem is occurring and if it affecting specific things like iPlayer, Netflix, Sky Go:
iPlayer and Sky Go unusable, continually buffering from 20:00 - 22:00. ** If possible, try to run the speed tests via a wired ethernet connection **

If you go to and run their test. When the test is complete, click on "Share Result", choose 'image' and copy/paste the image in here.
ThinkBroadband Speed Test

The test can be found at Once the test is complete, copy the "Direct Graph Button" link and paste it as a image here.
ThinkBroadband Ping Monitor:
If you have a TBB Ping Monitor, please could you share a live graph and specific days (with dates) you are seeing packet loss or increased evening pings.

Any other information:
If you have any other information which you think might be important, please also share it. This could be something like a neighbour with another ISP like BT Infinity is also experiencing peak time slow downs.
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Re: Peak Time Speed Issues - Information gathering thread

General throughput slow down 18:00 - 2200 Sunday 23/03/2014
SkyGo buffering, changing gateway didn't solve issue (well it did for about 10 minutes.)
Original Gateway:- unknown
Current Gateway:- ptn-ag02
Exchange: Walkden (MRWAL)

Normal Throughput  around 71Mbps

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Re: Peak Time Speed Issues - Information gathering thread

lot of work to keep reposting this stuff so linking to my other posts.
Exchangec code  EMCENTL location Leics Central.
gateway pcl-ag02
hours affected sunday was from 2.30pm to after 11pm.
Activities affected, everything except light web browsing.  When ipv6 is on it also affects dns lookups which of course makes light web browsing affected also.
weekend tbb graphs here.,124744.msg1087922.html#msg1087922
BTw speedtest here.,124744.msg1087988.html#msg1087988
TBB speedtest here.,124744.msg1087976.html#msg1087976