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Painfully slow internet again

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Painfully slow internet again

Hoping someone can help. Always got 5000+ Kbps download speed until Dec - since then speed is often appalling most of the day but usually ok after midnight. E.g. this afternoon, BT speedtest of 457 Kbps - below acceptable speed range.
Synch is always a rock solid 7616 / 448, interleaving on, no drops, BT Speed test shows IP profile is 6500, Plusnet Line Rate also 6500, no errors in router logs. Router shows:-
Upstream Noise Margin:
noise margin upstream: 23 db
output power downstream: 12 db
attenuation upstream: 8 db
Downstream Noise Margin:
noise margin downstream: 17 db
output power upstream: 19 db
attenuation downstream: 12 db
I think these figures look ok? Judging by the number of similar problems in the forums, and as speeds are good in the early hours, is this most likely due to Plusnet network capacity? Tried different routers/filters etc but they all synch fine, just daytime throughput is often very poor.
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Re: Painfully slow internet again

interstella: What account type are you on and which is your exchange?
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