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PN vDSL modem?

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PN vDSL modem?

Seen this over at TBB, will PN be trialing a different modem?

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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: PN vDSL modem?

Hi there,
We are definitely interested in providing a VDSL modem/router in the long run, however we're not sure that trialling in such a manner is best for us. Doing so via this particular trial with customers wouldn't be of the greatest value to us due to the time scales involved which would limit the number of customers we could bring onboard the trial and we'd then not be able to gather sufficient data during that time to be of great use to us.
Just to add, self install FTTC in general is something we'd like to move towards in the future but it also brings other potential issues to the fore such as a change of demarcation point going from the fitted O/R modem to now being the customer's master socket inclusive of any internal wiring and issues that could bring along. Also not having to send an engineer can have its disadvantages. As things stand if an engineer working on an install spots a fault they can generally fix it there and then where as a self install could be left waiting for a fault to be processed, an engineer booked etc. So there are clear pros and cons and a lot more to be considered here than just a change of equipment..
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 Adam Walker
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