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PN unlimited broadband bad speeds for existing customer

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PN unlimited broadband bad speeds for existing customer

even though it is advertised on the broadband packages page [for new customers] that they can provide an average download speed of 10Mb
ok that is great if that brings in new customers and you can deliver those speeds to them but what about your existing customers?
the existing customer who has been with you since 2011 and pays 30+ pounds a mouth for unlimited broadband and the estimated download speed is between 5 - 7 Mb
after doing some speed tests it has been very bad at times i am getting as low as 3 mb and some times it will not go above 5 mb
so... after doing some research on other ISP companies i have found 2 very cheap that can offer me fibre in my area at a much cheaper price than i am already paying for with PN unlimited broadband i just wonder how this is even possible and why have not PN offered this to me if fibre is available in my area?

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Re: PN unlimited broadband bad speeds for existing customer

Hi there.

We'd love to discuss a new deal with you or upgrade your service, so I'd recommend calling our customer options team on 0800 013 2632 when they're back open tomorrow after 8am. We do have an outbound team that call our customers from time to time to offer new deals however for us to do this you'd need to set your communication preferences appropriately Here.

I've tested your line today and I can see your router is in sync at a line speed of 10mbps and we aren't seeing any issues with the broadband signal entering your router. With that in mind, 

Can you confirm if your devices are connecting over WiFi or straight to the router using an ethernet cable?

If you're using WiFi, would you be able to try a wired connection? This will help narrow down where the problem lies. If your connection is OK that way, then it's likely the issue lies with the wireless signal and I'd recommend trying the steps Here.

If you're still having problems using a wired connection, do you experience the same issues across multiple devices?


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Re: PN unlimited broadband bad speeds for existing customer


Welcome to the forum.

You have obviously fallen into the trap of not renewing your contract, or possibly never having a longer term one. 

First see if you can get fibre by putting your phone number in here:

If you can get fibre then ring Plusnet and selet the 'I'm thinking of leaving' option. Quote the competitors price and ask Plusnet to match it. Don't accept the first offer if it's not good enough.

If you can't get fibre then go through the same procedure witb a comparitive ADSL price. It's a bit of a pain and shouldn't be necessary but unfortunately this is the way budget ISPs work. You are almost certain to be rewarded with a better deal.

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