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P2P Speeds on Value Fibre

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P2P Speeds on Value Fibre

Hi All
I currently have value fibre, its pretty average if im honest, when speaking to the Plusnet rep when ordering it, the thought of speeds near 39mg was eye watering.  Truth is my connection averages out around 15mb, which is mediocre for the price I pay.
My P2P/torrent speed through the day is around 100kbs, if i add on the 'pro user' option what will the P2P speed increase to?  I understand that the usage increases from 40gb to 120gb per month.
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Re: P2P Speeds on Value Fibre

The Pro addon doesn't change the usage allowance.
You are confusing Extra and Value
P2P with the Pro option should increase to about full speed all things being equal - there may be other factors when looking at fibre speeds
Just a point are you confusing kbits and kbytes - the speed restriction is 1000kbits/sec during the day - it is lower in the evening
Moving to Extra Fibre will about double the speeds you get on Value Fibre