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Overnight slowdown

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Overnight slowdown

I often get up at stupid o'clock and bootup the PC.

What I've noticed on more than one occasion is that at say 04:00 my broadband speed is right down at ~4Mbps (wireless and ethernet). Then an hour later it might creep up to ~10Mbps. Then somewhere between 06:00 and 07:00 it will rise to my usual 24Mbps.

Checking Task Manager and the Asus app shows no heavy loading.


I've not had this issue when I bootup at 07:00, it all works full speed (for me) straight away.


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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Overnight slowdown

Hey there Kremmen,


Sorry to hear about the slow downs. Just to check, do you check it wirelessly or wired? Just to see if anything could be affecting the radio signals.

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 Will Cutforth
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