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Ordering router

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Ordering router

Dear PlusNet

I Was wondering if it's possible to order a new PlusNet router for upstairs in my household

Kind Regards
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Re: Ordering router

You can't have two routers on the same phone line.


If you wanted to set up another router as an access point then you would better off getting one from eBay or your favourite action site, as PN would charge you around £100 for another, assuming you got one back in August. (Or potentially you could one from a previous supplier, provided it is not locked to that supplier.


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Re: Ordering router

Hi danttgamer@


You can use another router as what is called a 'slave' router but it is probably best to look into powerline adapters.


We do sell powerline adapters via our customer service team but I'd also have a shop around for what is within your budget  online.


0800 432 0200


They are open 7:30AM-10PM every day.


Kind Regards


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Re: Ordering router

What are you trying to achieve for upstairs - better Wifi or the ability to extend wired connectivity?

How well powerline adaptors works depends on your mains wiring - if upstairs is on a separate ring main you may find them unsatisfactory (as I did - buying a BT Smart Hub from ebay for improved Wifi capability and connecting my upstairs PC via a Wifi USB dongle worked best for me and avoided installing long runs of ethernet cable.)

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Re: Ordering router

See here for my findings on Powerline devices.

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