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Openreach Engineers

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Openreach Engineers

My last topic, here, has been resolved (fingers crossed) by the SFI engineer who came this morning (swapped out e-side).


However this took the grand total for engineers booked, to 6. Actual visits = 5.

Yesterdays engineer was booked and confirmed but never turned up, apparently it unbooked itself but didn't tell anyone, go figure!

Openreach should be made more accountable to ISP providers such as Plusnet who rely on them to do the engineering work. Compensation to customers for missed appointments should be on the same terms as the £144+vat that a missed SFI engineer visit would be charged to you. The compensation should also be automatically applied to your account.

To the CS staff who helped I say "Thank you". To Openreach management I say "get your act together"

p.s Can a Staff member have a look and confirm my installation date for Fibre...


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Re: Openreach Engineers

Glad to see the problem was eventually resolved. As it is the weekend there will be less staff on here so you can either live chat the team to get the installation date here,  or wait and someone should get back to you when avaliable.


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Re: Openreach Engineers

I've looked into your account @CodeBusters and I can see your fibre installation is in progress for the 15/02/2017.

From when I joined the Plusnet Help Team in May 2017 my main Community account is @Gandalf.
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