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Open Reach issues - 3 days now

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Open Reach issues - 3 days now

Having connection / speed issues for 3 days now, so bad that most sites time out before I can access them. Told it is a general Open Reach issue - surely if I pay Plus Net for my service, the responsibility sits with them to get it resolved. Any idea of what further action I can take?

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Re: Open Reach issues - 3 days now

Welcome to the forums, @graemeA 

Without more detail of your problem, other forum members cannot advise what can be done. If you can say what you have been told in more detail, maybe we could help or offer suggestions.

On the point of  'surely if I pay Plus Net for my service, the responsibility sits with them to get it resolved' - up to a point that is true, but if OpreReach say they are dealing with it but it will take 'X' days to sort, the PN have very little else they can do, they cannot tell BTOR how to run their business.

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Re: Open Reach issues - 3 days now


You are quite right, your contract is with Plusnet so it is their job to chase Openreach. Not all fixes are easy. If it's a complex problem it can take a time to fix. For example it could involve overhead work or underground work that involves more than one specialised team, either may require permission to close road carriagways etc.

All you can do is chase Plusnet and take note of any promised repair time.

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Re: Open Reach issues - 3 days now

Hi @graemeA, thanks for your post.


I'm sorry to hear that what had happened wasn't communicated properly


Your line was affected by what's known as a 'Major Service Outage', which can affect users across multiple ISP's simultaneously and is something that we have no way of expediting when it comes to the repair.


We're showing that the issue is now resolved - can you confirm whether or not this is the case?

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Re: Open Reach issues - 3 days now

Hi, I still find i very slow. It is better than yesterday and the day before that, but not what it was 10 days ago, for example.




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Re: Open Reach issues - 3 days now

Hi @graemeA thanks for getting back to us.

I'm sorry to see your speeds are slower than usual. Our tests aren't showing any definitive causes for this however I've put through what's called an 'SNR reset' to try to improve your speeds.

Could you reboot your router in around 4 hours and if you continue to experience speed problems tomorrow could you confirm if your devices are connecting wirelessly or directly into your router using an ethernet cable?

This will help narrow down where the problem lies. If your connection is OK that way, then it's likely the issue lies with the wireless signal and I'd recommend trying the steps Here.

If you have problems using a wired connection, to investigate further please run the BT Speedtester service at ensuring you have no other programs running at the same time such as streaming, general browsing and the most common one is antivirus programs downloading updates in the background.

Once the initial result is completed please click Further Diagnostics then type your phone number in and click run diagnostic test. This will run a test and send the results to the BT server for investigation. Once you have completed this, please could you let us know and we'll be happy to pick this back up as soon as possible to review.

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