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Ongoing Broadband Issue - URGENT

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Ongoing Broadband Issue - URGENT



Thursday June 13th 2019 – Returned home from work to find that I had a continuing flashing orange broadband light. Tried to call PlusNet technical team at 7pm. I was on hold for 35 minutes then hung up on. As it was so late, I couldn’t call back at that time. It was also discovered that on this day works started outside of my property to install fiber optic cables for fiber broadband.

Friday June 14th – As I was at work all day my partner, Peter Corr, tried to call while he was at work on his break. He was hung up on twice on this occasion before getting through on the third occasion. As Peter is not the account holder the operator could not speak to him but did promise a call my mobile phone at 6pm that evening. That phone call did not happen.

Saturday June 15th – I was out most of the day so didn’t have the chance to make a call.

Sunday June 16th - I called in the morning and did get through to the technical team. The operator ran a series of checks on the line and it was determined there was a fault. I was advised that this could have been due to the ongoing works outside of my property. An engineer was booked on this call to fix whatever fault was on the line which was outside of the property. The engineer from Openreach was scheduled to fix the fault by Wednesday June 21st 2019.

Wednesday June 19th 2019 – I noticed on my way out to work at 8:30am that an engineer was around the property. At 0934 I received a text from Martin Collins to advise the work had been completed ad the fault had been fixed. I went home to check around 10am to find that yes, I did have a blue broadband light on my router however my internet speed test couldn’t complete as the internet was so slow. I did manage to run a speed test later that evening and it was coming back at 0.28mb download. I called back that evening, at about 6:30pm, to PlusNet technical support to be told that because there was a fault on the line there had been a restriction placed on it. The operator advised that this restriction would be lifted and I should see improvements in around 2 hours. At 8:30pm I tried to connect to my internet only to find it was just as bad as it had been prior.

Thursday June 20th 2019 – I returned from work and tried to connect to the internet only to have the same issue that nothing works as the internet speed is too slow to run anything. I couldn’t even run a simple text format website and couldn’t run a speed test as the internet connection was so slow. I called back to the PlusNet technical team. This time the operator told me that there was still a fault on the line and that another engineer would have to be called out. The operator advised that she might have been able to get someone out that evening but this didn’t happen. After feeling very let down by the service and staff involved, I decided to write a Facebook post to the online team at about 9:30pm to see if there was anything else that could be done as by this point, I had had no internet for 8 days. No one replied to my post.

Friday June 21st 2019 – At 7:15am I tried to message again to get my query resolved as we are going into the weekend without internet still. At 1024am I messaged again. At 11:28 I got a reply from Adam to say he was looking into my problem and he would become my point of contact now throughout. At 11:48 Adam advised that he could see a fault on the line still. I asked Adam to escalate this as I have been without internet for 8 days now, paying for a service which I can’t currently use. He assured me he was looking into this and would hopefully be able to give me some significant progress before the end of the day. At 1310pm Adam messaged again to say I needed to have an engineer attend my house this time to see if there is a fault internally. I asked if this could be done today but he said no and I couldn’t receive a visit over the weekend either. So, I asked for Monday. Monday slots have all been taken so I am booked in for Tuesday afternoon between 1pm – 6pm. If an engineer finds a fault internally (which I highly doubt there is) its going to cost me £65.


I have spent a lot of time on the phone for 9 days now. I have had to spend more money on my contract phone to be able to tether my son’s tablet and my laptop for work. I have also been paying for 9 days of no internet, which will become 13 days by the time Tuesday comes around. I have also now had to take half a day’s holiday on Tuesday afternoon to wait for my engineers visit.

I have been with PlusNet for some time now. I am on standard broadband at my current property (because there was no fibre – until it was installed outside from Thursday) but previously I was on fibre broadband. I can honestly say I have never been happy with the service. The internet has been so intermittent, but with a busy lifestyle, job and a young family I don’t always time to sit on the phone waiting for someone to answer.

Mid-week I decided to look at switching providers. I am currently switching to BT fibre broadband which is due to complete on Saturday June 28th 2019. I would have stayed with PlusNet if the service would have been better and after this week there is no way I would stay.

I have received an email now saying that because I am leaving mid-contract (even though I have been with you for quite a long period of time) you want early termination charges of £157.95. I think this charge is massively unfair and I will fight tooth and nail over it. PlusNets service is awful, I have not felt at all satisfied over how my case has been handled and I am already out of pocket for extra data charges, loss of earnings and the possibility of a £65 charge from the engineers visit.


I want this issue resolving today, Friday June 21st 2019. I want an engineer out as a priority this afternoon or this evening and I want this sorted. I want no charge if there is to a fault internally which I highly doubt there is. Something or someone has gone through a cable outside or the works being carried out has restricted my service somehow. I also want this early termination charge wiped.


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Ongoing Broadband Issue - URGENT

Hi Clare, 


I'm sorry to see this, thanks for highlighting the other issues with support before I picked up on this with you today I will also be looking into that as part of me being your contact for this issue.


I'm staying good to my word and will continue to do all I can for you. As mentioned I'm sorry that there are no available engineer slots prior to the one I've been able to book for you today. 


I'm confident that will resolve the issue and given what you've tried so far and the fact that Openreach have asked us to arrange the appointment it makes a charge highly unlikely so I don't want you to worry about that. 


With regards to response times on social media, neither ourselves or any other ISP provide an instant response over Twitter or Facebook but we always endeavour to respond as soon as we can between the hours of 7.30am and 10pm every day. As your messages came through towards the end of yesterday evening it meant that we didn't pick that up until I responded today. 


Any charges relating to the cancellation would stand if it's exited whilst your still in contract but as I've already mentioned I will be arranging a refund for the time without service and also a good will gesture when we've got the matter resolved. 


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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team