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Old Customer - Bad Wifi coverage

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Old Customer - Bad Wifi coverage

Ive been a customer of Plusnet for a few years now and have just renewed.


We have noticed recently that anything that is not in the room where the Router is located (even something in the room next door) has significantly lower Wifi speeds:

In Room: 47mbps DL / 6mbps UL

Hall way (attached to the room): 7mbps DL / 1mbps UL


I want to create a better wifi service throughout the house, what is the best/option available on a budget (approx. £150).


Currently have the Plusnet Hub 2... All gaming has to be done on Ethernet as its just too far to get a signal, I remote work from home a lot also. 


Im in a 1930's Ex Council House, Brick and Mortar (Solid construction) 2 bedroom


Can I change the router and also get some powerline extenders or something similar?

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Re: Old Customer - Bad Wifi coverage


These are your options. It comes down to your budget and other considerations.

Ethernet will always be the best and cheapest solution

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Re: Old Customer - Bad Wifi coverage

Our old house has same problem, solved by TP-link powerline extenders. Originally had Devolo but they failed and were not easy to set up, nephew had similar experience, others may differ but TP does the job for us.