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Off-Peak Usage

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Off-Peak Usage

I'm reasonably happy with Plus.Net so far, but given my previous experience with Tiscali maybe that's not saying much.
My only small gripe at the minute is the usage as it seems overly restrictive.  I know there's always the option to upgrade but £20  a month seems to be quite steep for usage that is high but not extreme.
Anyway, I was wondering if there is any consideration being given to extending the off-peak time in the mornings.  I turn my downloads on at 12 and at the moment they do bugger all for the guts of 2 hours.  When I check them again at 8 AM they're doing quite well, but sadly it's time to turn them off.
I managed to transfer over a Gigabyte in one hour between 8AM this morning and going out to work before 9AM*.  I transferred less than twice that in the 6 hours between 2AM and 8AM.
What I'm getting at is that the network doesn't seem to be overly congested at 8 AM, which would be supported by the fact that P2P speed limits aren't enforced again until midday.  This being the case, is there any chance that the off-peak usage times might be extended at the morning end, even by an hour or two, to let us take advantage of this fact?
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Re: Off-Peak Usage

This is not likely to change any time soon unless BT reduce their wholesale costs to ISPs.
PN already factor in the recent BT cost reductions so making changes now will actually mean running the accounts at a loss which is clearly not an option.
The peak times selected are based on traffic figures, they are no called peak time for nothing.
Ultimately bandwidth costs PN a finite amount and the peak periods and account costs have been set accordingly.