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Off Peak Connection Problem

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Registered: ‎26-09-2007

Off Peak Connection Problem

Firstly appologies if this has already been posted, if so maybe someone could point me in that posts direction.
Anyway the problem I have is that my pc's connection to broadband always gets disconnected during the off peak hours.
I can't recall loosing my connection once during the day, however after midnight I am always loosing my connection. I reconect, but after a while I will loose my connection again. This is annoing, as I am trying to do any large downloading during these hours, but it is proving very hard.
All I have to do is turn my router on and off, and I have my connection back, but it never stays. However I don't have this problem during the day?
Can anyone help me out at all?
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Re: Off Peak Connection Problem

Hi there,
There are a few things that I would suggest that you try first:
- Try changing your filters
- Ensure that you are connecting into your master socket via a filter
- Try a different modem if possible
- Try connecting your filter into the test socket behind your master faceplate if possible
If the problem continues, then please raise a fault via