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Number mess up...

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Number mess up...

I signed up with PlusNet hoping I'd have a working phone and broadband for my uni apartment for when I started. I gave PlusNet all the details I was given regarding the phone line present in my apartment room. PlusNet then gave me new number and I thought everything was going smoothly, that was until I moved in and the phone number at the place was totally different.
Anyway, I found out the old tenant that lived here that's now lives one door away didn't cancel her contract with her ISP, hence why my new number didn't work. (no idea where that number is actually providing broadband etc too, most likely an apartment close by...) After speaking with the old tenant, I was told that the current contract was in the process of being cancelled.
I was told by PlusNet support via phone to get the old tenant to get a MAC code... so I could then give the MAC code to PlusNet to switch over. After spending ages with the old tenant on the phone to virgin, I was told that the previous contract was not in the process of being transferred/cancelled at all. Anyway, the old tenant gave all her details for transfer, and I asked for a MAC code, and they won't/can't give me one...
What I was told is that on the 1st of October, all tags/ownership on the line to my apartment will be removed, meaning the line will be free. So the point of the post:
Is it possible for you to sort this? The number you gave me isn't for this apartment, I have already given to a support member via phone the actual phone number of this apartment, so is it possible to have my phone and broadband transferred to my apartment soon after this date?
I've already been charged for a months line rental, call package and broadband... and only god knows where it's actually being provided too...
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Re: Number mess up...

Hi Schadenfreude,
It would be quite complicated for me to try to explain what's happening but one of our provisioning agents will call you this evening and explain what's happening.
As for the MAC code, the one that was given is actually a MAC address off the bottom of a router. If the old tenant can speak to the provider and ask for a MAC code then this may speed things up.
Jojo Smiley