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Not a happy bunny

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Not a happy bunny

I've just joined Plusnet, moved over from Sky Broadband, and signed up for the Plusnet Unlimited Fibre deal. I started the ball rolling way back in April, but due to contract issues with Sky I couldn't get an install date till July. Today, actually. When I signed up Plusnet were very helpful, assured me that the move should be almost seamless, and that phone and broadband would be installed on the same day. I'd go from 12MB Unlimited with Sky to a stonking 70MB Unlimited with Plusnet. As I'm a very heavy user, online almost constantly when I'm not at work, I stream videos and download lots and lots of data, I've got a Smart TV for downloading TV programs, so I can truthfully say my broadband is *very* important to me.
Sky was cut off at midnight last night, exactly as expected, as Plusnet are picking up the ball from today.
But that's just the phone. Somehow my broadband install got cancelled, so despite being assured it would all be done today I'm ending up with zero broadband. Ziltch. Nada. Not-a-sausage. And on ringing Plusnet the very nice Customer Rep just cant give me any idea when I might get connected, and says she cant do *anything* until my phone order is completed....then they can book me an install at some unspecified date in the future. 'Any idea when that might be?' I asked in anguish, as being without internet is like losing a well-loved family pet. 'Sorry sir' she says 'there's nothing I can do'
So that's me stuffed.
I should have realised when no router dropped through the door ready for the install today. But maybe the engineer brings one with him when he jazzes up my fibre? I had a day booked off work, then got told that it wouldn't be happening today, to wait for a call that would give me further info.....all I got was a voice mail to let me know the phone install would happen as planned, but no info on the fibre.
I'm stuffed. And I'm not a happy bunny.  Cry
Plusnet Alumni (retired) chrispurvey
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Not a happy bunny

Hi onlymestevet,
Sorry to hear that your fibre broadband was not installed as scheduled.
We've booked in a new appointment time for you which is the 12th July 8am -1pm. We've provided details regarding this and also the billing side of things on tickets 71520510 and 71520942 which you can view here.
We'll continue to monitor this and make sure we're in-touch if we need to be.