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No internet since Thursday 19th

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No internet since Thursday 19th

I have had serious internet problems since the 19th of December. My router seems to be working fine and according to Plusnet and BT everything seems to be tiptop their ends.
Here's a list below of things I've done, and currently cant/can do.
What I currently can't do/can do -
I can't Browse the internet on neither my tablet, laptop(wireless and ethernet), smartphone
I can't play online gaming on Playstation either wirelessly or ethernet (I can connect to PSN but connection too weak to even load up friends list).
I CAN use the youtube app on PS3, phone and tablet aswel as Facebook.
I can play games online on smartphone and tablet though if game needs updating I can't download update via wifi.

What I have done -
I have reset the router/s multiple times ( all lights green. Mainly solid green)
I have sat down and gone through a list of CMD prompts with a Plusnet employee (everything was sound)
Changed filters twice
Ordered a new router, gave it a whirl, all lights green but no better
Changed ethernet cables and the cable that runs from router to filter
Moved router from upstairs socket to downstairs socket (no better)
And that's about it. I have had internet avaible a couple of times for about 5 minutes a time, and I can't help but notice when it goes down it appears to the same time or the router updates the time or something and I get a red exlamation mark next to the log
Any suggestions what might be the problem? Do I need to call out a engineer?
Thank you for your time.
Please note my laptop no longer works, so doing anything with that is a no go
Plusnet Alumni (retired) orbrey
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: No internet since Thursday 19th

Hi GumDrops,
Sounds like you've done most of the checks needed to raise a fault. I'd recommend running through the wizard at in that case, that way our team can take a look at things and get some tests done on the line for you.