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No Internet - DNS fault?

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No Internet - DNS fault?

The last few days the wifi has dropped out quite regularly, but it has been down consistently all day. I've done a number of resets on the router, but no dice. PC lists it as a DNS error - I've got an IP address, but no internet? I tried both phoning and live chat, but both are switched off.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: No Internet - DNS fault?

WiFi dropping is often covered here, if you use the forum SEARCH button, you'll

find solutions.

If router is losing Internet that's a different issue.

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Re: No Internet - DNS fault?

@leevilenski A screen-shot showing the error message would possibly give us a better clue as to what is happening. If you have got an IP address, then the problem sounds as though it could be a local problem with your router. I would also suggest that you don't do more router resets - the automatic Dynamic Line Management could interpret this as a line fault and start intervening (wrongly) to correct it.