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No Internet Connection

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Registered: ‎27-10-2018

No Internet Connection

I recently applied to upgrade to Fibre broadband, the connection date has been moved three times now, also ever since I asked for the upgrade my internet line has got progressively worse and it’s now at the point where it’s completely not working. I have a orange flashing light flashing constantly, I have run all the tests so I’m not interested in posts saying do this and do that - I’ve done them. I work from home so I need this fixed ASAP!
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: No Internet Connection

Hi @Nooks ,


Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community Forums.


We're definitely seeing a lot of disconnections lately as the below graph indicates, which could account for your slower speeds as the exchange attempts to stabilise your line:


That being said, we're not detecting any form of fault on the line and so would generally go down the troubleshooting route. I can see the notes on the file indicate that you've already done all of our checks and so the next step would be for me to progress the issue to Openreach for further investigation, which I've just done on your behalf.


You'll receive notification within the next 3 working days when we have a further update for you.