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No Broadband

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Registered: ‎12-08-2020

No Broadband

My internet connection became disconnected about 10pm last night and is still down this morning at the time of writing this. I have tried restarting it, clicking on the connect button in the management console and going through the troubleshooting steps (which just end up going round in a circle). All that I see on the router is a flashing orange light, nothing else.

If this problem isn't fixed then I will have to go into work everyday which is a 100 mile round trip. If I have to do that then I will certainly be claiming my petrol money back from PN. I am currently using my 4G connection to write this post but when I burn through my monthly allowance I will be looking to PN to reimburse me for that too.

I have been trying to get hold of PN support without any luck so well done to anyone who has actually managed to speak to someone about their issues. I thought they used to sell themselves on their customer services. I have reached out to them on FB but I only get an automated reply, my first one dates back to 15 July 2020.

This thing with the Windows 10 update seems like rubbish too as I don't know anyone else who has had to make this change in settings

I hope this problem is resolved soon.