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New to ADSL

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New to ADSL

I've recently moved from a property with FTTP where I was on BT's 50/10 product to a property where ADSL is the only option. I'm reaching the end of the "stabilisation period" and so far my line has performed as per expectations.


Plusnet's estimate for my line was 5-12Mbps and I get fairly consistent download speeds in the range of 10-11.8Mbps. I'm happy with the service and it meets my requirements, but any increase I can squeeze would be a bonus.


Currently, I'm using everything out of the box (Plusnet 2704n router, ADSL microfilters) and the stats from my router are:

Maximum data rate: 1208/14144

Data rate: 1187/14015

Noise margin: 6.0/6.0

Line attenuation: 20.1/36.5


I have a couple of improvements in mind but would like other people's input on which (if any) of them would make the biggest difference, or any other suggestions to try:

  • Master socket is not a standard BT NTE so I'm not keen to mess with that. I only have the router connected via the RJ11 cable and microfilter out of the box. There is no extension wiring and no other devices connected.
  • Using the RJ11 cable out of the box, but have a 1m twisted pair cable on order.
  • Using Plusnet 2704n router out of the box. I do have the BT Smart Hub from my previous property so could swap this out.


All suggestions welcome!

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Re: New to ADSL

Might be worth trying the Smart Hub but I don't think your are going to get much better speeds on an ADSL service.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: New to ADSL

Thanks for your post, @Speedbird676.


We're sorry for the delay in getting back to you.


On checking the Openreach line estimates, you're actually getting well in excess of their current maximum of 6.5mbps and so from an ISP perspective there's not a lot that we can suggest.


That being said, we have some fantastic users here on the Community and so I'm confident that you'll get the answers you need!


Let us know if there's anything we can do to assist with your account.

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Re: New to ADSL

Thanks for your reply @RealAleMadrid. I'll give the Smart Hub and new cable a try.


Like I said, I'm not looking for a vast gain, just anything incremental I can squeeze.

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Re: New to ADSL

Thanks for your reply @OskarPapa and no need to apologise. Like I said, I don't consider it an issue and I'm happy with the speeds I'm getting.


The BT Wholesale DSL checker is an interesting one. I know the Telephone Line checker is supposed to be more accurate than the Address checker, but in my case it is the converse.


The address checker *accurately* shows the speed I'm getting, which is typically 11.8Mbps:

DSL Address Checker.PNG

As this was a new line install, presumably the speed estimate (5-12Mbps) I was given when I placed the order was taken from here.


The Telephone Line checker shows a much lower speed, although it has picked up much higher Observed Speeds:

DSL Telephone Number Checker.PNG

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Re: New to ADSL

One suggestion is to check your 4G coverage. For me 4G provides ~20Mbps down and up to 6Mbps up - which is far better than my ADSL2+ connection (which isn't as fast as yours). Latency is a bit variable, but that's about the only down-side. In many areas 4G will be faster than in my (rural) area.

I have static IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, and unlimited downloads (there may be a soft limit of 1TB/m, but I'm not near that yet). It is also significantly cheaper than Plusnet ADSL.

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Re: New to ADSL

Thanks for your reply @corringham.


I did consider 4G (5G coming soon) when I moved. My area is actually covered by Relish (now Three Broadband) but I read mixed reviews about network performance, with some people reporting it as unusable at peak times. Therefore, I decided to go for ADSL with a lower potential maximum speed but *hopefully* more stable and consistent.

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Re: New to ADSL

If you are with three, and have unlimited data then you can tether your device, and use that if you have  anything big you need to upload that would otherwise take forever on ADSL.


As for trying to max out your connection, you could:

 use a faceplate instead of microfilters

use a short cable to go from the faceplate to the router

use a router that allows you to tweak the SNR yourself, however if you go too low then your connection could become less stable