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New local fibre installations are killing my ADSL.

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New local fibre installations are killing my ADSL.

Can't find any info on this mad thing that has happened to us now five times! Five new fibre installations have ruined our ADSL in a very predictable pattern.

First the asked for stuff.

  • Connected to the master socket, always, in every house ever!
  • No extensions.
  • This PC uses a network cable, ofc!
  • Archer D9 ( latest firmware, not altered )
  • Noise margin - 6.3 up - 3 down ( currently, explained later )
  • Line Attenuation 22.9 ( currently, as above )
  • Current Upstream - 1176
  • Current Downstream 10798
  • ADSL 2plus
  • BTw speed test - ping 38ms / D - 7.88 / U - 0.93

I would NOT be posting if my line had not recently dropped below the minimum guaranteed upstream speed. The reason I did not is I learnt from an MP, Tessa Munt, while living in Somerset, then later the Secretary for digital summit or other when he visited Wells in 2013 that there's no point complaining. Because....

  • Our entire village was cut off by a BTw work crew.
  • I took pictures of the physical break in the 4.7km of overhead cable from the exchange as it lay on the road.
  • Myself and several households on various suppliers used mobiles to call our suppliers.
  • BT test software said in all cases the line was fine!
  • Our MP, affected too, eventually found out there is no legal requirement for BTw to inform anyone of faults, repair or maintenance.
  • The idiot from the Government agreed and stopped answering questions.

It took us as a village of multiple suppliers and one MP to get BTw to admit 0.3 up & 1.2 down was not what we always had. We had the logs to prove it. One new 4.7km cable later and we were all back to a clean 0.8 up & 2.5 down.


Now after all that rubbish why I have no option but to post this rather than try to explain that to some poor sod on live chat or a phone call.

  1. I have a nice stable 10m down & 1 meg up. Had it for four years with two different suppliers via overhead cable. Cabinet is four poles away.
  2. Kelly arrive and fit Fibre infrastructure to the poles in my neighbourhood. 
  3. This starts a process that has been repeated EXACTLY the same five times.
  4. An art school one pole up from me, towards the cabinet installs Fibre.
  5. Time passes and it goes active, I can tell because my ADSL starts dropping out. ( I later find out this starts two days before it goes live for the Fibre customer )
  6. I then suffer a week of repeated drop outs mostly fine when I manually reboot the router.
  7. When the router is able to get a connection after a drop out it takes it at least fine mins resulting in a horrendous upstream. As low as 0.2 this past few days ( the fifth new fibre install in my street )
  8. After a week all returns to normal and we wait for the next fool to be conned by fibre.

In the last couple of months this has been repeated twice. The first by my good friends next door, one of whom works from home for a very large aerospace company. I shared my ADSL with him for several months, me FPS gaming while he is working on zoom via four PCs, no issues, ADSL can cope when clean.... He moves to fibre as he's more money than sense and we watch the exact above process unfold together. 

As previously stated I know there's little a support bod at plusnet or any company can do. Not their fault one bit, they do what they can with the tools they are given in the belief they tell the truth.

I contacted the old BTw contact our village had from 2013, he has left and obviously that department do not want to admit anything. Dead-end.

An MP has no legal ability to have a question answered  by BTw or BTo.


So, if I still have anyone still reading, thank you for your time and patience. 

If anyone from Plusnet has any single idea who I need to set an MP on at BTw or BTo please help me.

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Re: New local fibre installations are killing my ADSL.


There's many things here that I don't understand.

Normally ADSL comes from the local exchange not a street cabinet, that is, apart from local junction boxes, unless that is what you are referring to?  You say that Kelly are installing Fibre infrastructure. Does that mean that you live in one of the fortunate villages that are fetting FTTP, I can only think that this is the case as FTTC is carried from a local cabinet to premises over existing telephone lines? However if it's FTTP then the fibre would not go near a POTS junction box.

So have you got very old cabling from the exchange that's being replaced by spanking new FTTP and the installing of fibre on the same overhead poles is disturbing the creaky old wiring?If so that does not bode well for the future of ADSL or FTTC.

I know that it's more expensive but I would not describe anyone upgrading to FTTP in these circumstances to be foolish or if they want a reliable, modern internet connection to have more money then sense.

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Re: New local fibre installations are killing my ADSL.

I will try to answer each one from info I have from various sources.

  • Penzance exchange details -
  • My router says ADSL_2plus
  • The above also explains all the things that are available at the street side cabinet.
  • This is a picture of the Kelly installed fibre infrastructure added to the area DPs in order to get it from the street side cabinet to houses -
  • Each DP has had new cable, fibre, strung between it.
  • When each house buys fibre Kelly climb the nearest DP and add a new fibre line from the house to that box pictured on the DP above.
  • The five houses around me now on fibre are four off one DP and one off the next one towards the street side cabinet.
  • Each of these has the existing POTS still in place, I guess in case of a downgrade, house sale, etc. 

Incidentally I will take some pictures of the cable run Kelly did on my neighbours house, with permission. When I was learning to fix TVs and install aerials in the 80's I'd have been shot If I produced work of half the quality.

Thank you for your reply.


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Re: New local fibre installations are killing my ADSL.