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New customer problems

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Registered: ‎24-03-2009

New customer problems

I am on the checking your details part of a new sign up and I have:
Sorry - we found a problem whilst checking your details.
Our support team will now make more checks and email you as soon as possible.

I phoned Plusnet last night and was told they couldnt see a problem, any idea what this may mean?  I have received a text messege that said your broadband service has been issued to BT wholesale this is due for completion on 30th March.
I am eager to get over to plusnet from Sky because of problems playing games online.
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Re: New customer problems

Hi there,
We get that error message when we try to place a "like for like" migration order which subsequently fails.  Because Sky operate an LLU system, there's no like for like option (as we don't have their LLU system.  This results in our having to place a manual order on your behalf, which we've done for you.
Your order is still due to complete on March 30th.