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New customer, need help

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Registered: ‎28-11-2010

New customer, need help

Ok so basically just moved into a new house and was searching for broadband and a few of my friends said PN were good and so i signed up for the value broadband with them to try them out. Was really pleased as when i gt connected i was getting really decent speeds and theyre pretty cheap. after a few days i decided that i would upgrade to the 60GB a month EXTRA, as im an avid gamer and do a lot of work during the day on the internet, rather than at night when the usage is free. I am now 5 days in and i just got round to checking the usage, and to my surprise i am over half of my monthly limit already. I am now faced with a problem, i need a higher limit plan as im just going to soar over the limit every month and that will just cost me loads extra, and i cant afford to do that. So i think i am going to have to leave and find another provider with an unlimited plan. If i was to leave how much is it going to cost and how much notice do i need to give?
Thankyou to anyone that can help
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Re: New customer, need help

Hi Mike,
In 6 days you've used 4.83GB (roughly 0.8GB a day), which although that's a lot on the value package, once you go onto the extra package with 60GB allowance you can happily use 2GB a day so I would say that would be more than enough for you.
Jojo Smiley