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New Fibre install

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New Fibre install

Hi i'm a new Plusnet customer and ordered the unlimited fibre and landline package a couple of weeks ago with an install date of 13th February and an estimated speed of 62.1Mb download &
20.0Mb upload. Username shaunmcdonald
Firstly looking at my email i think i've been put on the 40/10 package instead of the 80/20. I understand this is a known problem. Is it possible to amend this before the installation date?
Speaking to my neighbour he was very skeptical that i would achieve anywhere near the estimated speeds due to the estate being mostly poor quality aluminium wiring and he said that was the reason why most of the estate have VirginMedia as there broadband supplier and the 5KM distance from the exchange did not help.
I did point out that i was having a new line put in but he said they will just use the old BT line and pointed out an old Post Office Telecoms box that i have in the brick built shed on the side of the house.
Obviously this has me worried. At what speed would Plusnet consider a line faulty give the estimate of 62 Mb download and 20.0Mb upload and being on the 80/20 package. In the event of the speeds/quality of the line not being suitable would i get a new copper line pulled through or the option to leave the contract?
Plusnet Alumni (retired) chrispurvey
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: New Fibre install

Hi McDon,
Firstly welcome to our community forums.
I've checked your account and you have been provisioned on the 80/20 product so that bits sorted.
Your line estimate is taken from real time and should be the speeds you expect to receive. It is an estimate so can depend on some of the things you have mentioned like the quality of the copper/aluminum wiring.
If your speeds are not close to your estimate then we would raise this as a fault with our suppliers and press ahead with getting your line up-to it's estimated line speed. If this was not achievable then I'd be happy to look at your account with you but I would hope this not to be the case.