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New Customer Speed Problems

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New Customer Speed Problems

I've recently moved to plus net pro. My speed on previous provider was always between 2.5 - 2.9 meg. My current speed is around 1.7 meg despite being on the plus product. Any ideas on what is going on? I did the BT speed test:
Download speedachieved during the test was - 1706 Kbps
For your connection, the acceptable range of speedsis 400-2000 Kbps.
Additional Information:
Your DSL Connection Rate :2283 Kbps(DOWN-STREAM), 440 Kbps(UP-STREAM)
IP Profile for your line is - 1750 Kbps
The throughput of Best Efforts (BE) classes achieved during the test is - 15.59:21.51:62.9 (SBE:NBETongueBE)
These figures represent the ratio while sententiously passing Sub BE, Normal BE and Priority BE marked traffic.
The results of this test will vary depending on the way your ISP has decided to use these traffic classes.
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Re: New Customer Speed Problems

Your maximum download speed is set by your IP Profile which is currently 1750kbps. Having that IP Profile suggests you had a sync speed below 2272kbps within the last 3-5 days. If your current sync speed is maintained for 5 days your IP Profile will increase to 2000kbps giving you a small increase in download speed, but still short of the values from your previous provider. Was that on an LLU service?
Posting your router stats (sync speeds, attenuations and noise margins) would help Community members to provide more informed comment.