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New Customer Broadband Issues

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New Customer Broadband Issues

Hey everyone

I have recently transferred to Plusnet from Sky.

I was with Sky for years and prior to that Talk Talk. I left Talk Talk after the scandal of the data leak and I felt that their management of it was a shambles. Plus I got numerous calls from “talk talk” asking me to log on to my computer as my broadband had issues and essentially people were trying to talk their way into my laptop. Talk talk denied responsibility... but anyways.

One thing I have never had with any provider is actual issues with service. I don’t need high speed broadband. We stream some TV like Netflix but that it about it other than using our mobile phones or tablets for general browsing. High speed internet is not essential.

The standard broadband at Talk Talk and then Sky has always been sufficient.

But we came to Plusnet. It was a better price than Sky. Talk Talks price was better but I refuse to ever give them my service.

Our new router came and we transferred over. Essentially swapping the Sky Router for the Plusnet router. One issue was that the card with WiFi password etc was for another router. But the router has the password on its bottom so it wasn’t a big deal.

Ever since transferring ... and this is now about 8 weeks ago, the internet has been temperamental and broadband speed drops to such a level that it will not load web pages.

I reported this to tech help on Plusnet and was informed that there had been faults identified in the line. (These faults weren’t there when sky had my line) I was informed that BT open reach would fix the faults, hopefully within 48 hours, probably quicker. The speed issues continued. I recontacted tech help a week later and was given further instruction that other faults were found and had been fixed and to give my line time to settle.
Speed issues remained.
I was now instructed how to change router broadcast channel via the router itself. As soon as I changed channel the router lost all connected completely and wouldn’t connect. I had to reset it using the small pin hole reset button. I followed the instruction exactly.

I am still getting these speed issues 8 weeks later. I have plugged my laptop directly into the router and it shows a speed of 8-16mb via BT wholesale however at seconds later I ran a test on my phone from a distance of 1m from my hub. It showed a speed of under 0.4mb download.

Tonight it is showing as 0mb and goes aren’t loading.

I have been advised that the issue appears to be in the line and Plusnet May have to have the line looked at if another change to my line (which is to alter the signal to noise ratio) doesn’t work.

I’m also not finding plusnets communications great. I feel like they don’t read my fault reports. For example I have mentioned several times that I don’t have a home phone and never will, despite the line. It just encourages spam calls like the previous talk talk attempts. Yet Plusnet have messaged me tonight saying they’ve tried me on the home phone and can’t get me.

I went into the live message earlier to update it and say my speed is still 0 but the close button is right beside the update one and it seems it takes one click and it closes the call completely as I pressed this by mistake.

I am so frustrated that I’ve been paying for 2 months of broadband now and for 2 months, while we have managed to watch Netflix, all our other devices like phones and tablets, can’t get any internet use and we are resorting to turning off WiFi constantly.

Since the broadband speed when connected straight to the laptop is sufficient I feel that the problem is the router, which is not sending out any WiFi speed. I refuse to try the change channels again as this shut the WiFi down completely last time.

Any ideas anyone.

So frustrated and wish plusnet would just let me leave and go back to Sky!! I would pay them the extra for just that normal broadband provision I had.

I have never had to go through all these self help tips or channel changing self help etc before with any other router. Utter shambles.
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Re: New Customer Broadband Issues

Hi I know how frustrating it can be banging your head against the wall unfortunately Plusnet Router Hub Is Pile of SH** if you can get a proper router or buy a BT Hub 6 on Ebay lot better router works on Plusnet not much help i know you shouldn't have to change channels messing about

Look at the bad Trust pilot reviews unbelievable slow BB wrong billing the worst no cooling off period when you sign up only 14 days before you get activated once activated you have had it 18 month contract expensive to buy out


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Re: New Customer Broadband Issues

Hi Sorry to hear about your troubles, the Plusnet router should be adequate for most home situations it's certainly not as bad as you are experiencing. So I don't believe changing it will help. The issue could be frequency related which is something that you can change yourself. Have you switched on both 2.5Ghz and the 5Ghz network. Can you try each network and see if it makes a difference. If you login to the router by typing the IP address it should tell you the speed that the hub is receiving. Your wifi should be somewhere close to this when testing the wifi within 1 meter. 

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Re: New Customer Broadband Issues

Forgot to say don't use the BT speed test it's not accurate and can be misleading. Try something like 

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: New Customer Broadband Issues

Hi there @Scott444

Together with our network partners at Openreach we are prioritising customers who don’t have a phone line or broadband connection, meaning there might be a delay in Speed Faults being fixed. In the meantime, please raise your speed fault online at

 Plusnet Help Team