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New Broadband not working

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Registered: ‎23-09-2015

New Broadband not working

My activation was not due to start until today (Wednesday 23/10/2015) however i had a confirmation email that my broadband was activated and ready to use yesterday, plugged everything in as per the instructions, all lights are on my router, filters are installed etc etc but i cannot connect to the internet (wired or wireless) my ipad is finding my router and the pass word was accepted but i try to get onto google, and i have tried other web sites, but the little bar only goes a little way then nothing Cry please, please help me, and thank you.
Regards Shaun.
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Re: New Broadband not working

Hi Shaun,
A warm welcome to the forums and PlusNET.
Exactly which lights are on and is any of them not green?  Have you looked at the connection status in the router?  Use the appropriate xDSL link below.  Then look around the router pages.  You are looking for Internet connection status.  Check the account details - it should reference your username. Sometimes this does not set up automatically.
There after, on your PC launch a CMD window and type 'tracert' omitting the quotes.  The detail of the result will inform to what extent (if any) you have connected to PlusNET.