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New Broadband Connection

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New Broadband Connection

I have recently (last week) placed an order with PlusNet for broadband, the same evening I had an email saying there had been a delay with my order because of an issue with my phone line. It transpired that the issue was being caused by BT leaving an order open on the phone line which has now been resolved and closed by BT and they said plusnet should now be able to progress the order.
I have since had an email from PlusNet saying my broadband goes live anytime up to midnight today (25th Nov), however my order tracker on the plusnet site still shows that there is an error with the phone line.
I've queried this by opening questions with plusnet but they don't reply and I cannot get through on the phone.
Anyone have any idea whether my broadband is likely to go live today as promised? Or why the order tracker still shows a problem with the phone line?
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Re: New Broadband Connection

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