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Netgear DG834GT Sync and SNR Help

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Netgear DG834GT Sync and SNR Help

I'm using a Netgear DG834GT and since disconnecting my bellwire a few weeks ago, have noticed just recently that my router has been syncing at higher rates, going from just over 3000, to 3776 and now 4300 ish. I have also noticed that my SNR numbers have fallen from about 12db, to 7db.
My question is this - why is it that my SNR is higher first thing in the morning, but as the day goes on it drops my about 3-5db?
Also, if I reboot the router when it was connected at about 4300 and 7db on SNR, it reconnects at 3700 and 12db..... its seems a bit mad to me. One minute a good sync speed and SNR, then 30 seconds later after a reboot, its 15% slower.
Would I have better control of the router if I used the DGTeam firmware I have heard people talk about in the past?
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Re: Netgear DG834GT Sync and SNR Help

i have a netgear dg834g v2 router and it behaves in much the same way, although i would think it must have a different chipset from the GT. my SNR varies by as much as 6db (sometimes more) during the day and night. it is much higher in the morning, and lower in the evening and night (which seems to contradict what some people suggest). if i reboot my router in the morning, i get a better sync speed than if i reboot in the evening.
it is your target SNR that is important. the normal default for this is 6db, but can be raised by BT if you suffer disconnections/errors. it sounds like your target SNR might be higher than 6db, maybe even 12db. i think you can force a lower target SNR with the router you have.
bear in mind that if you set your target SNR to 6db and reboot your router in the morning to get a good sync speed, your SNR may drop so low later on that your router wont be able to hold on to a connection, and you will lose sync.