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Netgear DG834 keeps dropping connection

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Netgear DG834 keeps dropping connection

About a year ago, I replaced my faulty ADSL router with a new Netgear DG834 ADSL+ modem-router. Almost right from the beginning, the router gave me issues. When I phoned PlusNet on an unrelated issue, they informed me that they noticed my connection was dropping every few minutes and reconnecting. I didn't notice it on my end so I didn't do anything. However it has been a year and a bit, and the Netgear modem keeps dropping its connection, sometimes once a day and sometimes several times an hour. I always have to pull out the power and then reconnect to get it to reset, and then it re-connects to the internet and is fine for a while before it drops again.
Does PlusNet have any recommended hardware or is it just the luck of the draw, looks like I might have got a faulty Netgear modem-router...?
The problem seems to have got worse in the past day or so.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Netgear DG834 keeps dropping connection

Hi there,
Dropping connections like this can be caused by a fault with the service, however you shouldn't have to reset the router for the connection to come back up which makes me also think there may be an issue with it.
There's no particular router we'd recommend, you'd just need to make sure it's compatible with an ADSL2+ service.
Do obviously let us know if the connection continues to drop after trying another router.
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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team