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Need recommendations on a new ADSL Modem

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Need recommendations on a new ADSL Modem

Hi, I don't really know too much about routers/modems, haven't really had to do much with them, my dad mainly managed it and we've just sorta left it alone after he left. We currently have a BEC 5200S modem that's starting to fail, it overheats and causes our internet to go out for a bit until it cools down.

We've got a Cisco-Linksys WRT54G2 Wireless-G Broadband Router(which replaced the one we used to have which started having issues earlier this year).

Our internet is through our phone lines

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Re: Need recommendations on a new ADSL Modem

Hi @timetravel. Welcome.

PlusNet should be able to send you a Hub One. I don't know on what terms, but then it should just be case of just plugging it in. Walk in the park (I am thinking of a more sweary version of that I had better not say 😀).

Yes it sounds like your equipment is on its way out.

Hub one is doing fine round ours, I would know about it if it wen't.

I would be getting complaints from my sister big time. Thanks PlusNet for giving my ear holes a break. If you think I am joking or being sarcastic - I am not.

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Re: Need recommendations on a new ADSL Modem

Separate modem and WAP / router is certainly the hard way of doing things.

The key question is how big is your home?

What range of wifi coverage do you need?

Is everything wifi connected, or is there stuff which is ethernet connected?

Given that you have a separate modem and router at present, are they in the same location?


If you want a simple plug and play set up, then a Plusnet Hub One (by whatever deal you can make) would mean that you do not need to have any tech savviness.  However, if the current modem and router are not in the same place, then there might need to be some consideration given to wiring and network configuration, especially if there are wired devices plugged into the Linksys.

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