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My internet disconnects everyday - same time over a year now

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My internet disconnects everyday - same time over a year now



Hope you are doing well. I would like to ask for your help on a broadband issue. The last 12 months, I have been getting all my devices disconnected during the night. So the first time I need to use the internet every day for any device I need to restart the internet. This is quite unreliable and never had this issue in other households. I have attached the overnight logs where you can clearly see it disconnects all devices and it is unresponsive later on. Usually during the day we rarely have any interactions (sometimes in the evenings). It feels like there is a timeout that locks it, but no such thing is setup. 


I would appreciate your help, thank you. 

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Re: My internet disconnects everyday - same time over a year now


A warm welcome to the forums.

From what you have provided, there is no clear indication that this is internet DISCONNECTIONS.  We would need to see different evidence, for example xDSL down entries in the log or router stats which indicate when the link last restarted (system up for less than 24 hours with not intentional restart).

However, what these logs do show clearly is the router firewall doing its job of blocking suspicious internet activity.  The logs show a variety of HTTPS (web page) connections from your devices to questionable IP addresses.  Such activity could well indeed give the appearance of things being slow.  You need to do some examination of your connected devices - you will need to look at router configuration details (lAN addresses etc) or PC settings...

  • What is the device with local address
  • What is the device with local address
  • Do you have an Amazon device (fire stick / kindle etc) - possibly .70?
  • Do you have any explanation of why .91 is trying to connect to AKAMAI
  • Why might other CHINA based sites (China Mobile) be connecting your network?
  • What AV software are you using and is it up to date?

In the first instance, I would look at ensuring that all of your devices are free of virus / malware content.  Based on the information provided, this all looks like virus / malware "report home" activity.

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