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My broadband is slow

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My broadband is slow

How fast my line can go
I first checked how fast my line can go at, the result is below.
Maximised image here:

First speed test done today at about 14:20
I did a speed test at, the result is below.
Maximised image here:

The problem is the slow speeds i get during the evenings which is about 0.5mb. While on the value pack i noticed download speeds of up to 5.5mb that now (while on plusnet extra) has been reduced to 2.5mb with the evening remaining at 0.5mb. As i can see from the screenshot i took at btwholesale, my line should support speeds of up to 5mb yet said otherwise.
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Re: My broadband is slow

Hi paqize,
I'm sure you will get much better speeds than what you currently achieve. I will deal with this for you on your other thread here.
Jojo Smiley