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Moving House

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Registered: ‎19-11-2020

Moving House

I moving into a new house on the 12th of December and i renewed my contract a couple of months ago after reading Plusnets

From what i read on the moving home page, "Just give us four weeks' notice so we can move everything across" means giving notice will let your broadband connection be set up and running for you when you move into your new house.

So when i contact the moving home people at plusnet, i then find my broadband can't be set up until i am moving, and it will take two weeks to be working.

Because the woman has cancelled her contract for the 10th, when she moves out, my broadband can't be set up until then.

When i ask the moving house team about this, i am being told it is the type of phone line and it can only be set up like this.

I am not disagreeing with this but nobody would answer my question, i am no broadband expert, but why advertise the above and then say you will be without broadband for two weeks (hopefully only two weeks after what i've been reading on the forum), to me it is false advertising, or at least only telling half of the story, when your caught hook, line and sinker, theres sod all you can do but lump it.


Is is losing broadband for a while the standard practice when moving house?