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More speed issues..

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Registered: ‎26-11-2011

More speed issues..

So as the title states I am yet AGAIN having speed issues. This has been a complete joke since my exchange was 'upgraded' yeah, it tells me im getting an extra 4mbps but that is infact in exchange for terrible reliability.. I think i've had different speed problems every day since it's been properly upgraded. And the problem i had last week still isnt fixed i;ve just been using an inconvenient work around just to get it working.
So whats the problem with my net now?...
Download speedachieved during the test was - 644 Kbps
For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds is 4 Mbps-21 Mbps.
IP Profile for your line is - 10.38 Mbps
Upload speed achieved during the test was - 959Kbps
Additional Information:
Upstream Rate IP profile on your line is - 832 Kbps
meant to be paying extra money for a 'gaurenteed' low ping while gaming, That's not what i'm getting. Fix this please.
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Re: More speed issues..

Hi lewshann,
Have you tried rebooting at all? Our network is not completely balanced at the moment so that could be it. If it continues after the reboot I would suggest raising a fault to get it investigated further.
Jojo Smiley