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Months of Poor connection.. I am at my wits end

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Months of Poor connection.. I am at my wits end

I set up a Broadband service for my elderly mother, so she could keep in touch with family members via Skype. I chose Plusnet, as I had dealt with you previously. Since at least August last year, the level of Broadband connection my mother gets is disgusting, I visited her last year and while i was there i had to do some troubleshooting with your tech guys, and i was told it was a very noisy line, and that we would have to carry out more tests. Since then, the standard of the signal hasnt really improved, and the other day it lost completely. when I called tech support, they asked if we could connect a laptop to the router to change some settings... Err NO, my mother is 90, doesnt have a laptop, and is Not tech savvy. Looks to me that it is the same issue, of a poor connection and is anything being done about It, I doubt it, even thought you take a huge amount of money per month, for what is not better than a 28k modem speeds. I would like a commitment to get this fixed, or else I will look elsewhere for a decent provider.
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Re: Months of Poor connection.. I am at my wits end

You or somebody tech savvie needs to connect router into Test socket inside BT's Master socket;
that'll eliminate house wiring being issue. However, if you've a noisy line that MUST be sorted first by using PN's
fault reporting process. That'll need someone to plug phone in to the BT test socket + dial 17070.
This will reach BT's line test facility. Choose option 2 from the menu presented - "Quiet Line Test".
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Re: Months of Poor connection.. I am at my wits end

Hi @srobbouk


Thanks for getting in touch - I'm sorry to hear of your Mum's experience so far. Although I can understand the logic of requesting a wired speed test, it may prove to be irrelevant whilst issues with the landline persist.


I have raised this to our suppliers to investigate and it may be that they come back to request an engineer appointment. You can keep an eye on the fault ticket here.


Whilst this is in motion, I would strongly echo @Gel's suggestion that the router is connected to the test socket as this may help to resolve the issue and/or prevent the need for an unnecessary engineer visit.


Best wishes