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Massive speed drop since reset

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Massive speed drop since reset

This morning the router reset by itself and when it came back on the speed dropped to a snails pace


I've had issues in the past (see previous posts / threads) where the speed would drop after rapid disconnects and after an engineer visit and upgraded / new hardware that doesn't happen anymore, this seems to just be a single freak disconnect that's resulted in slow speed (Possible banding as that was an issue in the past)


I've gone through the usual Plusnet troubleshooting steps, Quiet line test, Landline fault checker etc.

All fine and no problems


Router Stats : (Very similar stats to when I had this problem last time)

4. Board version: Plusnet Hub One
5. DSL uptime: 0 days, 00:50:41
6. Data rate: 1050 / 9242
7. Maximum data rate: 21118 / 9892
8. Noise margin: 5.9 / 10.4
9. Line attenuation: 20.0 / 40.2
10. Signal attenuation: 20.0 / 39.0
11. Data sent/received: 39.3 MB / 1.2 GB


Speeds according to speed checks :


BT wholesale speed checker however says the speed is :


Which is completely wrong as nothing is working correctly due to slow speed, 30 minutes to download a 100Mb file, 240p videos etc.

It may sort itself out, but just posting here incase things don't

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Re: Massive speed drop since reset

Have you tried the Plusnet  Quickest way - troubleshoot by text  ?

I was able to resolve my own connection banding issue yesterday using that TEXT service.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Massive speed drop since reset

Hey there @Robert88 I can see you called up yesterday and they found no fault. I tested it again just to get the 2nd opinion and it doesn't look to have an obvious issue. How's the speed today?

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 Will Cutforth
 Plusnet Help Team