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Lost server password

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Registered: ‎22-04-2020

Lost server password

I refer you to questions 201192699, 201150804 and 201084385. You sent out a BT engineer to restoree my internet connection. After 4 hours he had to refer the problem to head office" who asked him to stay here for 2 hours while they tried to resolve the issue. He actually went home for 2 hours by which time the issue had apparently been resolved and I had my internet connection back again.

I went to retrieve all the email messages thata had been unable to get through during the four days I was offline only to find that they wouldn't download. Fortunatly the engineer was still in his van outside the house so I asked him bak in to finish the job. He managed to establish a new password and the emails downloaded quite happily.

Two hours later I went to send an email from my iPad only to get an error message saying that the username and password were not recognised by the mail server at This problem only arose after the engineer had been working on my home computer network.

Pleas can you send someone to finish the job you started at the beginning of this week,


Yours sincerely - Adrian Arnold

Roselyn, Broad Street, Charlton Adam, Somerton, Somerset TA11 7AT

telephone 01458223487.