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Losing my Broadband

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Losing my Broadband

I am losing my home next month and not got place to move into yet so am going to have to cancel my account.
Does anyone know how open Plusnet are to letting me maintain access to my email?
In the old days of dial-up (yes I have been here that long) we had to dial-in at least once every three months, but in these days of the cloud is it enough to collect the mail daily?
Anyone been through something similar
Will probably sign up again but need to get a lot sorted first.
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Re: Losing my Broadband

Officially you can retain the email for £20 per year - I don't know if this is one off fee or monthly
However I believe that they can suspend the account for a limited period and you will retain the email
Best thing is to phone the Customer Options Team on 0800 432 0200 or 0345 140 0200. and explain the situation to them