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Losing Sync

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Losing Sync

Hi All,
Wondering if anyone has some ideas on what I could do re: below before I log a support request.
I have recently been losing sync at several points throughout the day (random times, no pattern time-wise). I first notice the issue by losing my connections (web browsing, gaming, whatever). A quick login to my router administration panel, a quick press of the disconnect button then reconnect button and 10 sec later I'm back online. This has happened ever since I joined PN about 3 weeks ago. I first thought it was just the initial line calibration, but it seems to be going on a bit now. I had no problems with my previous ISP using the same equipment. My Sync speeds and line noise etc is the same now as it was with my old ISP so that all appears to be fine. I did try with a spare router for a couple of days and had the same result.
What I did notice is that if I "spike" my usage. I.e I start off a download or start some other bandwidth intensive activity, this is sometimes when the sync is lost (after doing the reconnect thing its usually fine for a few hours before happening again).
Anyone got any ideas? Smiley
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Losing Sync

Hi gsilent,
The only other thing we'd recommend is to make sure that you've tried connecting directly to the engineer's test socket (assuming your line has one). Please check this guide before attempting that:
Otherwise you've done all you can so get yourself over to and get this reported.
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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team