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Location Changing

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Location Changing

I have a number of games/applications that reset their security settings based on where my connection originates, some merely require me to log back in or confirm a security code the next time I launch/open them. Two however disconnect me and then require me to re-login & reauthenticate (via email) every time this happens.

The current main issue is with Path of Exile. First I get kicked out of the game because 'someone logged in from a new location' but when I got to reconnect I need to unlock the account as my connection location has changed. Is this to do with dynamic IP addresses? And if so why are they being changed while the connection is in use?

I appreciate you cannot trouble shoot the game side of the issue, however it appears to be network related as opposed to game/server related.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Location Changing

Hi Lost_Ninja,

With this I would recommend purchasing a static IP which is just a one off payment of £5. If the same issue still occurs then I would recommend chasing this up with the game side.

To purchase the static IP please contact our customer services team on 0800 432 0200


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 Ben Babinski
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