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Live music streaming cuts

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Live music streaming cuts

Hi guys! 



I listen to live music streams lots while I'm designing content for my virtual worlds. In the past 2 months I notice my music cuts frequently. Like every couple of minutes.


Exploring virtual worlds, gaming, blogging and streaming from youtube and bbc iplayer is usually fine. General browsing is usually ok too. Though at times I notice my internet connection drops, they are usually during the planned maintenance times. When something goes wrong I usually check the plusnet maintenance pages first. 



Speedtests show my connection speed is what I expect. 17Mbps download, 1Mbps upload and 16ms ping. Although today I took several tries for the speedtest website to load. 


Does anybody know why live music streaming is cutting frequently, while gaming, browsing and youtube is usually fine? Is there an issue with my internet connection? and is there any sort of streaming test I can do similar to the speedtests?

I also experience increased lag and rubberbanding effects when I'm using virtual worlds/gaming. So maybe there's a connection with why live music streaming goes off and on all the time?


I tried streaming through itunes, VLC, and I also tried different proxy servers as well as not using a proxy, different stream URLs, and nothing changed.

I also just switched off the wifi connection on my router in case a neighbor was trying to use my internet. Again no change. My computer is connected to my router with ethernet cable. So nothing is wireless.


Unfortunately I have severe speech difficulties and health issues. So I cant use a phone and contact customer support. Most of my contact is via the internet or through my support worker. So I am reliant on the internet for my connection to the outside world and support groups.










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Re: Live music streaming cuts

"Unfortunately I have severe speech difficulties and health issues. So I cant use a phone and contact customer support." There is a CHAT service now when you click on customer support a chat window pops up at the lower left of the screen, perhaps you can use get to get help Smiley

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