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Line noise and broadband dropouts

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Line noise and broadband dropouts

I had an engineer out a few weeks ago after I reported slow upload speeds, line noise and dropouts. He came and replaced the master socket, the wire entering the house and did work at the outside box. That has definitely sorted/improved the upload speed but I am still suffering from noise on my phone line and disconnections from the router.


The broadband will always drop out if we receive an incoming call on the landline. I'd say it seems intermittent but I feel like I notice dropouts occurring a lot around the 5-7pm time of the day (This pattern may just be in my head though).

Is this something that is going to need another engineer visit?

I've got to the point where I'm considering replacing our telephone, to see if it's a fault with that, but was wondering how I can go about seeing if PN would issue me with a new router so then both hardware items have been replaced. I don't think I've had a router from them since we upgraded from ADSL to Fibre, which is possibly about 5 years ago.

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Re: Line noise and broadband dropouts

@puihungma From your description of the situation, I would report a voice line problem via: - The engineers visit obviously did not resolve the issue.

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Re: Line noise and broadband dropouts

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